Dias con Cristo weekends are 3-day experiences in living, learning and loving in a Christian community. Sponsors and team members desire for the candidate to either rediscover or strengthen their relationship with God, with Jesus Christ and with each other.

Dias con Cristo is an inter-denominational movement largely led by lay people, with participation by clergy. We have found that we are enriched by the participation of both women and men in our weekends and as we move into our fourth day.

  1. You must fill out all the necessary paperwork/forms to experience a weekend.
  2. “Weekends” are actually a three night, three day event. For example the first night could start the weekend on a Friday and the last day would be on a Monday.
  3. The weekend is co-ed but men and women sleep separately even if dating or married couples attend.
  4. There are showers!
  5. The accommodations are suitable but be warned it isn’t a hotel. You will possibly need a sleeping bag depending on the season even though the cabins are heated.
  6. You will be reachable at the weekend location in case of an emergency.

Tips on what to bring

We would say only bring yourself however there may be a few items that could help:

  • Pillow, blanket, sleeping bag, sleeping garments (pj’s)
  • Toiletries
  • Any medications, or necessary medical equipment
  • Dietary supplements for food allergies, or diet requirements
  • a flashlight

Goal of the Weekend

Dias con Cristo weekends facilitate both fellowship and introspective time to enhance a candidate’s spiritual experiences in living and learning in their faith journey. The focus is that a “candidate” may deepen their relationship with God, and hopefully re-ignite their passion for Jesus Christ and their walk with Him which then they can take back to the enhancement of their church home and the enrichment of its fellowship and ministry.

Forms and Applications

Forms and applications are available in PDF under the Applications Button on the Home page. Can’t open PDF files? Get Adobe Acrobat and install it for free!